Landmark Consultants
                                       55 years of leadership in complex real estate development solutions

55 years of leadership in complex real estate development solutions


If real estate developments are positioned wrong, they will fail.
As developers, builders, landowners, and financial institutions, our clients are increasingly faced with owning, operating or developing real estate in a different environment than was initially contemplated.  This demands the placement of real estate assets in the experienced hands of professionals who understand these complexities, and know how to deliver a distinct, competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Can my property goals be achieved?
This can only be addressed from a thorough knowledge of economic and market realities; by understanding the future wide ranging needs of an increasingly diverse population; incorporating local and regional development initiatives with community objectives for land use, and delivering lifestyle components that can be successful and sustainable, thus creating upside potential value.

What type of expertise is needed, and when? 
This vital question is a 'time and value' constraint within any thorough critical element analysis. Projects need to move ahead quickly but efficiently. Landmark's real time experience presents our clients with the conditions to achieve their financial and operational thresholds leading to the project's success. Through our team of highly qualified partners we synchronize assignments within those critical elements, fulfilling the multiple demands of the project, while still maintaining a climate for fiscal responsibility.

Landmark understands that potential for 'Future Shock' must be minimized for a real estate asset.
Our prime business philosophy is to ensure our client maintains a clear vision throughout a project's life cycle. Landmark promotes the atmosphere for clear vision through sound financial and operational strategies, adaptive development initiatives and cost contained on-site execution. Our experience, foresight and integrity are the values that guide us in the performance of these duties, providing the confidence that our clients deserve and their faith in the product that we deliver.

Our Expertise.
Horizontal and vertical real estate partnership developing
Land acquisition, planning and development
Strategy, investment and program development
Project execution and management
Disposition strategy and services
Project stabilization
Operational review and assessment

Landmark delivers the
expertise you need,
when you need it.

The Landmark Process

Through our experience, knowledge and industry relationships, we provide a solid platform to our clients on which to achieve operational and financial success. 

* We offer a single resource for all phases of real estate feasibility and development, or asset recovery and repositioning. 
* We concentrate on mid to large-scale development including mixed-use, resort-residential and hotels. 
* Our expertise can be applied to a single area or a comprehensive program to bring about project success.

Client directives often include:
Reviewing real estate opportunities, acquisitions, identifying debt and equity, due diligence, market research, feasibility and analysis, master planning, permitting, infrastructure development, product planning, resort amenities design and construction, golf courses, clubhouses, spas, learning centers and leisure facilities, club operations, builder programs and agreements, sales and marketing operations, construction, finance, operations and management.

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